Must Have Long Tailed Bangkok Fighting Chickens

Must Have Long Tailed Bangkok Fighting Chickens

Must Have Long Tailed Bangkok Fighting Chickens – Next, we will provide reliable articles that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that they can be read by all groups, along with the must-have long-tailed Bangkok fighting cocks.

This type of long-tailed Bangkok chicken is one of the most sought-after types of Bangkok chicken by chicken hobbyists. Chickens with long tails are known for their clever and fast fighting abilities. The chicken with a long tail, apart from being beautiful through its visuals, is indeed admired by its fighting style by the old botoh.

Characteristics of Long-tailed Bangkok Chicken

  • Has a long bird’s eye tail that slashes down to the floor.
  • The muscles are very tight and large, especially on the wings, thighs and chest.
  • Has large and solid bones.
  • The chest is more prominent than the other Chickens.
  • His posture is very erect and tall.
  • The tailbone is more downward.
  • The scales on the legs are bright yellow and cream colored. Look for Long-tailed
  • Chickens whose scales look old, rough and dry because usually Chickens with scales like this are better trained and can be quickly brought to the cockfighting arena.

The advantages of Bangkok Long-tailed Chicken

Bangkok long tail chickens usually have a very perfect body shape and are just right to be brought to the cockfighting arena.

The proportional body shape makes it look more manly than other chickens.

The punches are very hard and can paralyze opponents by using nerve blows through his powerful legs.

Its thick bones make it resistant to opponent punches and don’t feel excessive pain.

His large, bulging chest means that he is a good calf with large testes and smooth sperm cell production. This means that this chicken is very suitable for mating and the eggs produced by the baboons will be of high quality.

Weaknesses of Long-Tailed Bangkok Chickens

Having a long tail is also a drawback for Bangkok chickens who will fight because it will make the Chicken a little uncomfortable when it will hit with its legs. It is better if you trim the feathers that are too long so that the chicken cannot be more comfortable when being pitted.

Its large bones make movements a bit stiff, so even though it is fast and the punches hard, this chicken is often not on target and if you fight agile 2 chickens like a small Burma chicken it will be a little confused and panicked.