Winning Formula for Betting on Online Sportsbook Gambling

Winning Formula for Betting on Online Sportsbook Gambling

Winning Formula for Betting on Online Sportsbook Gambling – The presence of online soccer betting gambling may not be a taboo thing that makes us surprised again because this activity has long been carried out by a number of football lovers, making many companies use this opportunity to open a practical betting system so that it can be enjoyed easily for everyone. the player.

Uniquely, in this online gambling, it uses a market system to bet on, about 10 markets are provided and you can choose to bet on your favorite matches. Handicap is one of the most widely used market names by players, both beginners and professional bettors because the betting system on this market is the same as the betting system used in the past, namely voor – vooran.

Voor – vooran is a betting market that you can only find in sbobet365 bola sports betting, including soccer betting, where the meaning of this market is that the team that is indeed the favorite will give some points to the opposing team. What is meant by a superior team here is a team that has a good match record, line-up, players or rankings. So it does not mean that the team has already won the match.

Winning Formula for Betting on Online Sportsbook Gambling

Although it is a market that has been known for a long time, in fact there are still some players who are still confused about betting on this online soccer market, it’s only natural because maybe they are not familiar with the appearance of the game and how to read the market. Therefore, here we will make it easier for all of you, especially for those of you who are still confused, we have provided tips on reading the online handicap soccer market voor which can be read directly below.

How to Read Voor in the Online Handicap Football Market

For how to read from the voor – vooran (handicap) market it is not difficult where each of the markets is calculated based on the multiplication of the 1/4 value, as the complete example can be read directly in the summary below:

Voor 0.0 = means that in the match there is no voor – vooran.
Voor 0-0.05 = there is one team that gives a voor of 1/4 to the other team in 1 match.
Voor 0.05-0.50 = means that in a match there is 1 team that gives points of 1/2 to the other team.
Voor 0.50-1 = in 1 match there is a team that gives 3/4 points to the opposing team.
Voor 1 = means that in 1 match there is 1 team that gives full voor (full) 1 point to the opposing team.

And so on with 1.25, 1.50, 1.75, 2 and so on, just add 0.25 (1/4) for each voor. Easy to read right? As for the multiplication of wins, it depends on the value of the odds on the market, for example, if you bet at 1.99 odds with a capital of 100 thousand, the multiplication of the winnings you will get is 1.99 x 100 = 199 thousand.

However, if you bet on odds that have kei (water money) or discounted money, the victory you will get is according to the amount of capital, but if you lose, the discount will be multiplied by the kei odds and the betting capital used.